Okay, I have been in MIA for the past couple of weeks. I just don’t want my blog to contain ONLY beauty and makeup related stuffs. I also want to use to invoke my writing abilities and thinking abilities. I was planning planning and planning for a really long time to decide on what topic should my first non-makeup article be.

At last, after much of thinking, I decided to write on HOW TO DEAL WITH FRESHER JITTERS.


Fresher Jitters. Image Source: Google Images

When I completed my college and joined my apprenticeship training with a company, I had a very difficult time. Those initial periods were hell on earth in my life. Not that I was treated bad at my work place or the quantum of work given to me was abnormally huge. I just felt like I didn’t belong there. And this one feeling was enough for me to ruin my mind and nullify my enthusiasm.

When I spoke to my parents about it, Mum was in “my daughter is so young to endure all this hardship” mode and Dad was in “Let her learn and if she finds it too hard to cope, let her resign and redo her training somewhere else” mode.  And that was not helpful. K Mum’s advice made me feel like a helpless little child and dad’s advice made me feel like a hopeless person who is not able to take the basic pressures of the corporate world.  I can’t blame them for that. And I am fully aware of the fact that I have d most pampering, caring and loving parents in the world.  J

I somehow passed that phase of life and guess got used to it eventually. 😀 Now, in much better state of mind and with much experience, when I look back at those moments I was able to see clearly where it went wrong and also learnt that I am not the only person to undergo the “Fresher Jitters”  as I would love to call it. 😛 😛

Okay so now getting into the subject.  What is actually the “fresher jitters”???

  1. When you feel uneasy in your place of work.
  2. When you miss your friends more than normal.
  3. When you long to go home even though there is nothing interesting to do irrespective of how interesting your work is.
  4. When you feel your senior or boss is deliberately making you stay late by dumping excessive work.
  5. When even the silliest and most small things invoke your anger and you just don’t know how to control it.

So, how do I deal with it?? /:)

Image Source: Google Images

I have given six points here which I feel helped me a lot in getting over the Fresher Jitters and moving on.

I.                    GOAL SETTING:

Image Source: Google Images

Yup.! Goal Setting is THE answer. Your goal need not be entirely career related. It can be anything that you feel passionate about. And, do not keep goals just for the sake of keeping them. Like I want to fly and all. 😀

How do I know if it’s an attainable goal or not?

Simple. Try breaking your goal into smaller sections or short term goals and draw it over a period of time. If you are able to do this, then your goal is crystal clear and attainable.

When you feel any of the above mentioned symptoms of Fresher Jitters, just remind yourself of your goal which you have drawn. Thinking about what you would love to become in future really helps you get “the” enthusiasm.

While we were in the studying phase of life, completing that particular examination or course used to be our immediate aim and that aim made us ignore other not-so-happening stuffs around us and concentrate. But, when in to the JOB world, you will not have any self-assigned immediate aims apart from stuffs like completing your training, becoming a permanent employee etc. So, till the completion of your training or probation period which usually ranges from 6 months to 3 years, lack of short term goals or immediate aims adds to depression. Remember the old saying Idle Brain is a Devil’s Workshop?? The same applies here. So, draw short term goals to yourselves. It need not be serious. It can be fun stuffs like learning to play guitar, learning to cook or make crafts etc. Just don’t let your brain be idle.

II.                  NEVER GET ANGRY:

Yeah I know that it is easier said than done. But Getting worked up is the most negative thing ever. It makes you sad; it makes the people around you, who at many times do not have anything to with your anger sad.  And the result is often regretful. Try to take it as a challenge and do the work. If the quantum of work entrusted is humanely impossible to be completed in the time available, be polite and let your boss know about it. This is not restricted to your boss/seniors alone. Apply the same to everyone in your office.

III.                DO NOT COMPLAIN:

Do not complain to your colleagues/co-trainees or anyone for that matter about the work being too boring or too hard or not THAT interesting to suit your tastes. Remember, in offices tale-bearers rule. Do not let yourself be the victim of tale-bearing. People would love to talk about new comers.

IV.                BE CHEERFUL:

Image Source: Google Images

Come on, it just your job right? You wanted it and got in here right? Enjoy every bit of it. If there is no obvious reason to be happy then create one. Start showing interest in your wardrobe. This surely will add y\up to the cheer factor. Always wish people with a smile and be positive.


No one can be Mr./Ms. Perfect. Everyone in this world tend to make mistakes. People love to point mistakes however negligible it might be. And, you are a fresher/ trainee. You have a lot to learn. So do not feel bad when people point out mistakes. When they do, thank them for doing so. Tell them that they have helped in shaping you better.  And next time just is more cautious whilst doing work. And yeah some people point out mistakes just for the heck of it. Don’t you think they are worth occupying some time? Just ignore them and be polite in ignoring as well. 😀

VI.                DON’T BE EMOTIONAL:

Being emotional is like inviting people to bully you at work. Do not show your emotion. If you feel so bad that you want to cry never do so before others. The person who made you feel bad will feel like they have won if you show your emotion. Never show them. Your emotions are worth too much.  Be strong.

That’s it for the day folks! Be happy and just remember the following sentence that some wise guy said.

“If winter is here, can summer be far behind.??”


Voice of rm.


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