What my Blackberry taught about Life.

We all strive to lead a happy and contended life. And, as we strive towards that we all feel constantly challenged by hurdles that come in the form of desire and dissatisfaction.

Okay. First of all what is a happy life?

As a kid I thought playing with my Barbie dolls, changing their hairstyles and buying them tiny shoes was THE ultimate happiness. As a teenager I thought having a latest mobile phone was my happiness and as I grow, my individual definition of happiness changes and evolves. 

A couple of months back, I complained about everything in my life right from the problem with my blackberry to the way I looked. I couldn’t just get out of it. I thought I made a mistake by choosing that particular brand of mobile and by choosing the hairstyle I was sporting. It was horrible.  I started getting upset.

When I tried spending some time thinking about my new irritation, it struck to me that “Happiness is what we feel about”. We need to create happiness from what is available with us rather than seeking somewhere else and complaining about life.

From then, I started focusing on the pleasant things in life than paying attention to unpleasant ones. Life gives us the gift of choice, a wonderful boon by which you can mold your life the way you want. As we are all humans, we tend to make wrong choices and then confuse them for mistakes. We pray to God to forgive us for the mistakes. We think it was HIS act that we suffer and pay the price for our “mistakes”.

FACT – THERE ARE NO MISTAKES – It’s just the choices and its outcome.

For ex: Buying a business phone during college was a choice I took willingly. When people explained to me the pros and cons of making the choice, I never paid heed. I took a fully informed choice. When the outcome was not what I had planned for, then what is the use in complaining? It was just a wrong choice. We still have the chance of making it right.



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We made a choice that was bad. What is the use of worrying about it? It’s just waste of time. Think about it my dear friends. Instead of sitting and feeling sad, if we contribute the time towards the ways to making the bad choice good, who knows.. We might succeed!!

You might tell me. Hey! We are all human’s, we tend to get worried and angry. I completely agree. I get upset too. Humans have emotions. But just make sure that your current worry doesn’t cloud you from the fact that you have got a life ahead.  It must not stop you from dreaming. It must not stop you from aiming high. It must not stop you from trusting yourself.

When you feel bad,

  • Think about the achievements you made in your life. They pep you up.
  • See the problem from a third person perspective. Think it as someone else’s problem. You will not feel the pressure.
  • Talk to someone you trust about it.
  • Write down your problem on a piece of paper and do an analysis of where things went wrong. This is very useful especially with the problems related to your career. This helps us in finding out the root cause and eradicating it.
  • Eat well and Sleep. Yes this helps.

Lastly, never forget that this is your life and you have the full potential to steer it in the direction you wish.

Best Wishes



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