Being Alone – My side of Life.

Being Alone.

Being alone-doesn’t that very word sound so melancholic?

This world is full of busy people who storm in and out of our lives like a host of flies. We never had the power of choosing the people who enter our lives.  Some may be good enough to remember and some may be bad.

I, being the single child of my family, had all the perks a kid could ask for. For some reason or the other, I grew up to be a loner. I never enjoyed going out with people and never had the nerves to venture out alone. I confined myself to my 200 Sq feet room. When I had free time or when I had to unwind myself, I used to lie down and gaze at the empty walls listening to the melodious music of my mp3.

I had friends at school and college who felt slowly discouraged by my nature. They started drifting away. Being alone gave me the chance of analyzing even the most simplest of things in life and having happiness in them.

I learnt that happiness is not found but made. I learnt to enjoy the silence and calmness that prevails around me. I learnt that being alone is not something to be frowned upon – It’s just a way of life.



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  1. dhivya shankar

    hmm… same with me.. the only difference is that you put this publicly and i didn’t..!!!

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