LOTUS HERBALS NATURALBLEND Translucent Loose Powder Auto-puff SPF 15 in Rouge Lustre -Review.

I had few reviews done but unfortunately deleted those without uploading the same. Today while organizing my desktop I found that I have saved a draft version of one review. Yay!!

This review is going to be about Lotus Herbals – Translucent Loose powder with SPF 15.

Image Source: Lotus website

I am new to makeup. Before stumbling upon the blogosphere, I was a kajal person. Yes.! I never used to wear a single makeup product on my face. As I got to know about make up and stuffs, i got fascinated by the Translucent powders. All Youtube Gurus and bloggers advocated the practice of setting up foundation using a translucent powder.

Being a first timer, I was not okay with investing 500-600 rupees initially. Hence I got this baby from Lotus Cosmetics, a brand that gives quality products at a decent price.

About the product (from the website of Lotus):

Lends a natural color for an all-day shine-free look. Its unique applicator enables smooth, easy application, while SPF-15 protects from harmful UV rays to prevent skin darkening.

Shine Free Oil-absorbing, Enriched with Corn starch, powder of rose petals & Nagkesar.

Directions for use: (As given in Lotus Website):

Blush has a tendency to darken with body heat, so make sure you apply it sparingly. Apply color cosmetics in natural light whenever possible, so you know exactly what your make-up will look like. (I know its not a blush but then this is what they have given beneath the product. Lols)

Cost: INR. 349/-

Shade name: Rouge Luster 840.

My Experience with the Product:

I ordered this product along with few other products online. Big Mistake.

I never knew translucent powders have glitter particles. I know I am such a fool. I thought they’d give that pretty shine. But this had obvious glitter that made my face glow like a disco light (an oompa loompa orange disco light). I hate glitter in any makeup products I use. I am not a party person. I go out once in a blue moon to a party and this powder seems to be a strict night wear.

And, I also thought that translucent powders do not give any color. They just set the foundation and give a glow. Again I was wrong. This Shade does not suit me even one bit. I think this shade is more apt for dusky beauties. (waaa..!!!)

I tried using this as a bronzer/highlighter etc. and as this contains glitters they look weird on my otherwise matte face.  Now let me move on to the pros and cons (teary eyed).

What I liked about the product:

  1. Does what it claims. Absorbs oil and keeps face fresh.
  2. I liked the puff that comes with this. It’s useful unlike the applicators that normally come with makeup products.
  3. SPF 15. If you are someone who rarely steps out in sun, with this product you can skip applying sunscreen in face.
  4. Has mirror in the lid. Though its not handy when it comes to applying powders, you can very well adjust your bindis, kajal etc with this mirror.
  5. Cute little packaging.
  6. Pleasant Smell.

What I hate about the product:

Well most of the hates are due to my negligence. I cannot blame the product for that but still, let me share my frustration.

  1. The Shade is NOT for fair skinned beauties.
  2. Contains Obvious Shimmer. If you are like me, please stay away from this.
  3. They have mentioned a shade name called Rouge Luster in the product but I am not able to find the other shades. Even at their website.

Judgment Time:

This is an obvious fail for me. I swear I would never buy such powders/foundations etc without doing research regarding the shade selection. If you girls have any idea by which I can make this product work for me. Pls share.

Good Night.



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  1. scribbleofhappygoluckygal

    lotus products always ended up as a failure for me..!!!

    • i have used their eyeliner it was good. But this one, i picked up in a rush without even thinking twice about the shade. The only negative point with shopping online i guess..

      • scribbleofhappygoluckygal

        hmmm..but still u experinenced and for sure u will b carefull next time:):)

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