I had a pretty hectic month. Travelling to my workplace and returning home in my bike was the only entertainment I had. I was talking to my friend in g-chat yesterday to whom I was nagging about how busy my life had become and how I am sacrificing my interests for the sake of my job. Instead of getting the most expected response “oh how stressful.” I got a response that instantly made me sit up and think. My friend’s reply in his words were “If you love a hobby or have a special interest you must make sure you “create” time for them as well in your schedule. For instance, wake up an hour early, if you like listening to songs use a MP3 while jogging”.

This comment made me realize that I need to make time for my interests and decided that I would spend an hour a day pursuing my interests no matter how packed my day is.

Here in Chennai, rains have started playing hide and seek with the people and we get surprise evening showers followed by a chilly night. The very next morning, the famous Chennai-Sun is back with his glory.

Apart from posing inconvenience to the people in the form of flooded roads, such climate imposes a great risk on the general health as well. In this topic I am going to discuss a few simple things which we can do and which I personally do in order to have and enjoy a perfect monsoon.

I know this is a widely discussed topic in the blogosphere. But here, I will be only discussing the tips which I personally follow in my version. As I travel most of time to my office in my bike, I would be focusing on that aspect a little more. If you feel that I have skipped a tip please feel free to share it with me.

The very first tip I would give is to be prepared.

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These days you will never know when the clouds will envelop the sunny skies and pour water on us all. So be prepared and carry a rain coat with you all the time. You can put it in a cover, press it hard and keep it in your vehicle’s storage space below the seat. In that way you will be saved from the irritation of carrying an extra piece of luggage.

Clothing & Accessories:

I love the look of crisp white cotton Patiala or a top in the backdrop of dark cloudy skies. It will look angelic. However good it looks, white if wet, has a tendency to get transparent. So avoid it. Try to dress in dark, bright and mixed colors. In spite of not getting transparent so easily these colors will pep you up on an otherwise dull day. Materials that soak up water must be avoided. Synthetic materials are advised.

Accessorize well with bright colored earrings and beads. Wooden and silk thread jewelries are a strict no. I personally use monsoons and summers to flaunt my bead necklaces that I purchase from roadside gypsies.

The shoes you wear must not be fully covered (unless you wear rubber rain boots of course). Wet, fully covered shoes becomes a breeding ground for bacteria and fungi. Rubber ballerinas with holes (you get them at bata showrooms) are my choice as they are available in bright colors and they are so comfy.

Rain water is NOT pure especially in cities.

You might have heard this a million times and I would love to stress it again. I remember, on a particularly rainy day my hands started to itch once the water touched my skin. If you get wet, go home and have a warm bath preferably with a drop of dettol or any antiseptic liquid. If your hair gets wet, wash it with a mild shampoo.


I always feel quite lazy with washing my hair regularly on monsoons. Big Mistake. Wash your hair regularly.

Condition your hair well by getting hot oil treatment twice a week. Olive oil, coconut oil and Gingelly oils are my favorite.

Monsoons aren’t the best seasons to get a chemical treatment for your hair as the air is filled with humidity and chemicals tend to react “not-so-well” when exposed to such climate. Nobody wants their hair to lose its glory in spite of spending thousands on it.

I read somewhere once that up do’s are not recommended during monsoons. I love to have my hair in a fish-tail braid and tie it as a bun all the time. The feeling of air flowing across my neck relaxes me very much. But, during monsoons it’s better to avoid such braided hairstyles. Let your hair fall free. As rain water tends to get soaked in such tightly braided styles and the health of your scalp is heavily jeopardized.


I keep my skin care routine strict and my make up simple during the monsoons. I was my face twice with a medicated soap (as I am undergoing treatment for my acne) and pat it dry. I use a non-greasy moisturizer just before going to bed.

Scrub your face, body and lips twice a week. Over scrubbing is also a strict No.

Invest in a good foot, under-eye and body cream. Your skin tends to lose moisture during rainy days.

The Skin under your eye and on your lips is the thinnest and tends to show signs to dehydration sooner. Hence the key to keeping them supple is to moisturize.

For my make-up, all I use is a mild tinted moisturizer for face, waterproof/smudge-proof kajal and mascara. (both from Maybelline colossal range) for eyes and generally apply a lip balm for my lips.

During the days when I want an extra make up look, I just add a powder blush to my cheeks and a matte lipstick to my lips. I am not a fan of shine and gloss during monsoons. Matte lipsticks make me feel crisp (yeah I am weird at stuffs like this).

Foot Care:


Our feet are the most neglected and the most vulnerable parts during the monsoons. You must make sure you get a pedicure once in a month. If you are not keen on getting a pedicure at parlor get yourself one at home.

Trim your nails well and pay special attention to the sides of your nails are use a tooth brush to clean the corners. Do not trim your cuticles especially during monsoons and always push them when you get yourself a pedicure.  Damaged cuticles + dirty rain water is not exactly the best combinations.

And lastly do not forget to use a sanitizer as and when you require. Remember the key to a healthy and enjoyable monsoon is being germ-free.

See you in another post.




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  1. scribbleofhappygoluckygal

    i totally agree. sometimes we end up cribbing how messy our life is..!! but then forgets to well we can make it with a bit of organising:):)

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