Being Beautiful is Feeling beautiful

Hey Girls,

Hope you are having a great week. I am having a little happy and little stressful week as I am resigning my current job for a career betterment. Life has been full of unexpected things and what I learnt in the past few days is about my inability to stick to a decision no matter how fruitful or not the outcome might be. Sticking to small decisions, like not biting your nail, show the power of your commitment. As for me, I really need to work for it.

Okay all said and done, lets me take you into the (self) discovery I made today. It’s remotely associated with makeup but closely associated with beauty. Confused? Ha Ha.!

I met a few girls around 17-20 years of age in the past few days. They came to my home for getting their doubts on accountancy cleared. Whilst teaching them, the questions about “How to balance this ledger?” “How to draw a trail balance?” slowly migrated to “Where I did my brows?” “How I applied the sticker on my toe nail?” “How to treat chapped lips and dark circles”. It was then; I realized how much we are concerned about the way we look. And most of the time, we think beauty and makeup/grooming are synonymous. Well yes they are at times. But not at all times.

So, what exactly is being beautiful?

Being Beautiful is Feeling beautiful.

When our hearts are free of unnecessary thoughts, guilt and vengeance.

When our smile is unconditional.

When we are true to ourselves.

When we trust and have faith.

When we have patience.

And most of all when we believe in our own Beauty.

Okay! So if I do all this will I look like a beauty queen?

Nope.! You will feel even more beautiful than anyone in this world. Not just you, but even the people around you will start to realize your beauty.

And, as always said, using the best products foundation, primers and stuffs will only add material beauty to what it’s already there and nothing can make a person who has an ugly and unhealthy heart look insanely gorgeous.

See you all with another post.




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