Cheating Hurts!


Don’t think that I am into a bad break up to write about this.

What prompted me in writing about this topic are a few things that have been going around me and of course, Kristen Stewart’s scandal that made to the headlines of various websites.

Well Cheating hurts. That goes without saying. By the word cheating, I don’t just refer to cheating in a relationship. In general, cheating hurts!

From my experience, I would classify cheaters as

  1. Chronic cheaters.
  2. Situational cheaters.
  3. Revengeful cheaters.

What makes people cheat?

People cheat, imagining the act as something that would save them from the situation which they are not ready to face. They will not be courageous to go handle the outcome hence they resort to cheating.

They imagine that their act of covering up or telling a lie would actually help them but it’s as bad as postponing our exam results. It moves you away from reality for a short span of time.

Is Cheating good?

No its not. It’s like postponing your health check up when your doctor suspects some disease in you. Very foolish right? But at that point our brain won’t realize the importance of facing the situation. All it tells is cover it up and when it comes up again we’ll handle it. But unfortunately when the issue crops up again, the situation starts controlling you.

And the situation ends causing more pain than what you have imagined.

Once a cheat is always a cheat:

Life gives innumerable chances for one to mend the mistakes done. We must always try to use the chance. If not for mending them, we should try not to do them again.  We should always keep one thing in mind. That is, no one can control or steer you life than you. You are the boss. Nothing’s going to change that. So, have faith in your self and think twice before doing anything. Maintain your own standards in life. You’d never know it might create a very good impact on your life. If you have cheated due to a situation, make sure you make it right.

Confession is the best medicine for cheating. You’d b surprised by the reaction you get when you go and confess your mistake.

So, just tell the truth and get over it.  Because, it’s a beautiful world!




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