Wonderful Home Made Scrub with Coconut Oil

Hi all,

I know it has been quite long since i posted anything. It was all due to my erratic work schedules and my desktop breakdown. Now as i got a brand new dell, i thought i might return back to my hobby. i.e., blogging.!

Today’s post is going to be a very small one and is about a scrub. I recently met a friend of mine who happened to be a keralite. Whilst casually talking, she told me about her once a week scrubbing ritual. Fascinated by the procedure which was new to me, i tried it today to find the results to be fantastic.

Now, lets go on with scrubbing.. 🙂

Things required: Besan flour (kadalamavu in Tamil), Kasturi Manjal (optional), warm coconut oil and loofah or thengai naaru.

Procedure: Mix Besan Flour Kasturi Manjal and warm coconut oil and apply the same on your skin. Wet your loofah or thengai naaru and start scrubbing in mild circular motion on the scrub. After scrubbing wash off with mild soap or Shikai powder.

When i tried it, i saw immediate results. My knees, elbows and the areas in the folds of my neck were all clean and smooth. The presence of coconut oil in the scrub imparted a healthy glow to my skin. Besan and kasturi manjal are know to even out skin tone and discourage hair groth with regular usage. I am sure this procedure, if done regularly will result in soft, smooth and glowly skin.

Since its NOT a mild scrub, its advised not to use the same on facial skin. Especially for people with sensitive and pimple prone skin.

Try this out this weekend and do let me know about the effects.

Till then TC.



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