Hi all,

Welcome to voiceofrm.. I am a 23 year old, B.Com ACS qualified girl who is currently working with a public limited company. This is my personal blog where i will be writing about certain topics that are close to my heart, doing product reviews or just try to improvise my literary skills.


I just want to let you all know that i am not associated with any group/organisation and the opinions, write ups and reviews are truly mine. I do not copy from my fellow bloggers or from any websites. If i take pictures or quotes from google images or any websites for that matter i will mention it in my post.

Typo Queen Alert: 🙂 

I am a human and i belong to the “Typo Queen” category.. Hence, i am prone to spelling, grammatical or any other mistakes. I would very much love if some one points them out. But when you point them out make sure you don’t use any harsh words. I am NOT OK with that.

Copying Hurts:

As i said already, i will not be copying from any other blog or website. But as there are innumerable blogs sharing millions of information every day and you may find something like posts, sentences or pictures identical with some other blog’s. If you find such identical components, please let me know so that i will be able to remove them ASAP.

And, at the same time, i expect similar respect for my posts. I am sure half of my posts will be meaningless blabbering’s but then copying hurts. So, please do not copy anything from my blog without my consent.


I would love to see through comments what you feel about my blog, where you would like me to improvise etc. As i said above, please be kind in your words. i am a kid at heart. you can also alternatively mail me at rajalakshmi1603{at}yahoo{dot}com

Thank You:

Once again Thank you guys for stopping by my blog. I hope i will be able to continue blogging unlike my previous “blogging attempt”. Take care..





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